Thursday, June 26, 2014

College & Sorority Life

So I was asked today if Love & Hate is mostly about horses.... the answer to that is no. Horses play a large role in the book but not the center of it. The majority of both books in the series takes place when the main character, Paige, goes off to college at Washington State University. Paige also joins a sorority there which introduces her to some amazing friends that become main characters in the series.

When writing Love & Hate I was inspired by some of the best times in my life. Not surprisingly, a lot of those times took place at WSU. My hope is that all my friends will enjoy this series. I think it has something for everyone. My horsey friends will likely enjoy it because let's face it, not too many fictional books revolve around showing performance horses. My college and sorority friends will probably relate to a lot of the funny things that happen to this character while she is at college. And for everyone else there is an epic love story that pulls at your heart strings. 

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