Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Horsey Inspiration...

In the Love & Hate Series the main character, Paige, lives on a horse farm. Through out both books there are horse characters. Horses play a major role in both books and so I wanted to share with my readers my inspiration for those horse characters in my books.

The Biz:
In book one you meet Paige's retired show horse, Bismark. The inspiration behind The Biz is my own retired show horse Cody Joe. I have owned Cody for over 20 years now. He has been my constant companion and teacher. He has taken me all over showing and together we have won four national titles.
Dex is Paige's young new horse in book one. He is incredibly handsome and cocky. My inspiration for Dexter came from my current show horse Tucker. Tuck is incredibly handsome and he knows it. He is talented in trail, horsemanship and showmanship. We make an incredible team and I feel very blessed to own him.
In the first book Cutter and Paige go for a trail ride together. Cutter gets to ride another retired show horse named Moses. The inspiration behind Moses is my retired show horse Lad. I have owned Lad for 18 years. Lad is incredible horse who unfortunately lived a very hard life before he came to my family. He is extremely smart and most days I wish he could talk to tell me how to do it all. If I ride the rest of my life I will never know as much as this horse.

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