Monday, June 30, 2014

Lovely Distraction

While finishing the Love & Hate Series I began writing a new book I'm calling for now, Lovely Distraction. This story is one I am very excited to tell. It asks the age old question of "How do you know when it's right?" This story is a love story that involves a couple who have been cursed by horrible timing. Both of them must decide for themselves whether it's meant to be or just a coincidence that their path seem to always intertwine. I am busy writing everyday and hope to have this book finished by the end of summer. Here is a little snippet of my newest project...

To all of those lovely distractions, thank you for inspiring me.

            I met him over five years ago, when I was still going to the University of Tennessee. I was on spring break and having drinks at a local bar called Havens at home in Huntsville. That was the exact moment when my path collided with Jamieson Wellington. He was unlike anyone I had ever met before. I knew I would never be able to forget him after that night, nor did I want to. But unfortunately for us, fate was not kind.

Now as I sit on this airplane about to leave for my bachelorette party in Las Vegas, I look up to lock eyes with the one person who continuously haunts me. I fight back a sick feeling in my gut. I feel the static electricity in the air between us and I know I’m not strong enough to resist him. I never have been, but this time I have so much more to lose.

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